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HoneyMaiden HoneyMaiden Literally Amazing. Over 10 years in the making

The best skincare nature can produce.

We take the purest, rawest, virgin beeswax,
and turn that into goddess marbled skin.

Preservative free,
Chemical free,
Alcohol free
Horrible free.

Glass packaging,
Guilt Free,
Cruelty Free
It SAVES the bees.

Over 100 million honeybees saved (and counting).

If you have dry skin,
lets change that.

You will LOVE this,

Pure Origins Pure Origins Raw Beauty

It starts in the organised chaos of the beehive.

As you will discover, we really like bees here. 

Over the years that bees have been in our lives, what they’ve revealed to us out of a spectrum of amazing revelations, is that beeswax has incredible properties. 

It is by these facts, that we draw the maps that guide us. 

Unveil the beauty of nature with HoneyMaiden’s exquisite range of natural skin care products.

At the heart of our collection lies our signature beeswax-based skin cream, meticulously crafted to celebrate the raw and unprocessed essence of Mother Earth. We take pride (and literally risk our lives) in sourcing our beeswax from hives untouched by chemical treatments, ensuring the purest, most authentic experience for your skin.

Unveiling Nature's Bounty Unveiling Nature's Bounty Only the Purest will do

Step into a realm where simplicity meets luxury. Our beeswax skin cream is a harmonious blend of carefully selected, minimally processed ingredients, each chosen for its natural richness.

Immerse yourself in the goodness of unadulterated elements, as we bring you a skin care solution that echoes the untouched beauty of the wild. Our commitment to purity is not just a promise; it’s a revelation.

Bee-Loved and Chemical-Free Bee-Loved and Chemical-Free Experience skin care that's as pure as nature intended

Our beeswax is sourced from hives that thrive without the interference of chemicals, making every jar of our skin cream a testament to the untainted power of raw ingredients.

Embrace the natural glow that comes from a product free from artificial additives, reveling in the simplicity of our commitment to your skin’s well-being.

Our Story Our Story Over 10 Years in the making

A Bee-Driven Journey

In 2013, our venture into crafting skin cream began with a humble gift of beeswax.

When our initial supply ran out, the search for more took us down an unexpected path—beekeeping. This unconventional route not only fulfilled our need for beeswax but also sparked a deep connection to the world of bees.

In 2018, we noticed a challenge in community support for those encountering honeybee swarms.

People would have issues with bees, but not know who to turn to. 

To address this, we created, which connects the most appropriate beekeeper with people facing swarming challenges in Ireland.

To date, we are 14 members shy of 1000 beekeepers, in each and every county in Ireland who are willing and capable of responding to people in need when someone needs help with bees.

Conservatively, we have helped save at least 100 million honeybees with the help of our amazing team of superhero beekeepers, maybe up to 150 million, in or around 10,000 individual cases over the years.

What started as a quest for impossible to source beeswax, has evolved into a heartfelt mission to protect and nurture the lives of honeybees, bumblebees, and solitary bees. 

We never planned for any of this, but that’s where our lives have gone.

We would like to invite you to participate in our story of how we continue to save bees, with the uncompromising gift these wonderful creatures bring to our lives.